The 3-Month Body Transformation Workout Plan You Need For Unbelievable Optimal Results

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4/2/20244 min read

woman in black tank top and black shorts sitting on black exercise equipment
woman in black tank top and black shorts sitting on black exercise equipment

We all have different body goals, but the underlying factor is that we all want to look good. It could be a muscular, curvy, or slim physique. Luckily, or unluckily, the internet is flooded with body transformation workouts. Some may be helpful, but others are not up to the task. We know how frustrating it is to spend time following a workout program, only for it not to bear fruits. So, I have developed a practical 3-month body transformation workout plan for any individual who wants to lose weight, gain lean muscle and tone their body. Check it out!

Can You Transform Your Body In Three Months?

Before we delve into the transformation workout plan, let us first evaluate if it is possible to lose weight and reshape your body in three months. As it turns out, it is achievable if you diligently follow a practical 3-month total body transformation workout program.

On top of committing to the program, you will also have to maintain a calorie deficit. If you keep up with nutrition news, then you are most likely familiar with the term. For those who aren’t, a calorie deficit is when an individual consumes a smaller number of calories than they are burning.

The importance of the deficit is that it helps in weight loss. For example, let us assume that you want to lose one kg in a week. One kg has 7700 calories. You can plan on how you will lose these calories by targeting a specific limit every day. This means dividing the total number of calories by the number of days in a week (7700 calories/7 days = 1100 calories).

You must, therefore, torch 500 calories every day to help reach the one kg target. It is possible through exercise, dieting, or both. For instance, an individual weighing 80 kg can lose 1100 calories by skipping rope fast as an exercise routine.

In light of this, you can see it is possible to maintain a calorie deficit, shed pounds, and reshape in three months. With that said, let us look at an effective 3-month body transformation workout plan females, and males can perform.

Simple Full Body Workout 3-Month Transformation:

Congratulations on making the bold decision of physically working on yourself for the coming 12 weeks. Now the work begins. You have only twelve weeks to attain your goal, which means you will be putting a real dent in the workout program.

To achieve this, you will have to be dedicated and disciplined. With discipline, commitment, and hard work, you will transform your body in no time. We have divided this workout plan into two phases that both last for six weeks for optimal benefits.

Let us look at each phase:

Phase 1

The first phase concentrates more on weight loss and contains exercises that will help torch more calories. These exercises are slightly higher in volume than those in phase 2, but only because they have been structured to help you burn more calories.

You will do one circuit from weeks one to three and a different one from weeks four to six. It would help if you aimed at doing four sessions a week for faster and more efficient results. Similarly, aim to get a few rest periods between the circuit and possibly at least after the fifteen-minute mark. However, you must rest in between sets for one to three minutes.

Phase 2

In this phase, we will be focusing less on volume and more on building strength. So, expect more muscle and strength building exercises in this phase. Like in the first phase, we have also divided the workouts into two circuits, each lasting for three weeks.

Each circuit contains activities that target muscle growth to help with reshaping your physique. This does not mean that you will stop losing weight when you enter this phase. That is not the case. Weight loss will continue, and especially now that you are building muscle.

Note that you might build muscle at a different rate than someone else who is also following this program. This is to be expected because we all build muscle at different rates due to the differences in our weight, body shape, estrogen and testosterone levels. When it comes to body shape, muscle growth is affected in the following ways:

Mesomorphic body shape: Muscle growth is faster because people with such body types are generally muscular.

Ectomorphic: Chances of building muscle mass are low and may take longer because they have a slim or straight frame. Nonetheless, such individuals can increase muscle strength by performing resistance training exercises.

Endomorphic: Individuals with such a body type are curvy or more rounded. Muscle growth is possible among them, especially with strength training exercises

So, do not be rough on yourself if you do not see any change as you progress with the circuit. Sometimes, the results may take longer, but it does not mean they are not coming.

How Much Weight Can You Lose In Three Months?

Some people expect to drop tremendous weight after twelve weeks, while others do not know what to expect. Let us begin by saying that there is no standard mark set detailing the number of kgs you will lose after using a 3-month body transformation diet and workout plan for males and females.

Instead, the number of kgs you will shed will vary, depending on many factors, including your eating habits, genetics, sleeping pattern, age, race, and so forth. However, we can anticipate you losing up to 12kg if you maintain a calorie deficit, eat clean, and follow this routine religiously.

You may lose between 6-12 kgs if you also implement other healthy weight-loss strategies, including getting enough rest and drinking enough water. But, again, it all comes down to you and your discipline of implanting healthy weight-loss interventions.

The Bottom Line

It is possible to transform your body in three months using a practical 3-month body transformation workout plan. The above workout plan can help transform your body by promoting weight loss and building muscle to reshape your physique.

However, this is only possible if you are willing to put in the work. Similarly, you must follow a good diet plan, get enough rest, and adopt other weight loss interventions for faster and more efficient results. Good luck as you try this program!